Todays world has benefited from all the technologies and gains by the Sumerians The rises of the cities back then are related to the growth in United States We have a baby boomer happening every so often and it helps make progress in this country The buildings are always changing to bigger and better things so I think were making pretty good developments People are all specializing in different jobs from computers to zookeepers We are able to be in many diversified jobs since we have no food problems unlike long ago In the Sumerian Empire they specialized in technology medicine government etc just like us except they did not have as many opportunities
In the present day we have many languages in the world however none use the old ancient cuneiform writing We were able to make words and letters with the help of Sumerians since they supplied us with the first writings in wedge-shaped letters They invented plows and shovels that aided us to making machines like harvesters Our technologies are just modifications of their technologies We use the same institutions as they did long time ago Our congress and bureaucracy are institutions that started and formed because the Sumerians government In Mesopotamia they used school to learn writing and reading We have institutions that do the same thing thus we are people who have learned from their technologies Our ancestors guided us to a better world where everyone can play a part