Daisy Cisneros
History 202
Response paper
It was very hard to them to move from their own country were they grown up It very difficult to leave something that you love like your relatives and all your memories all your life its going to stay there then you have start a new life in a country that you are not familiarized with This happened to Ida family This family was from Sweden and they migrated to the Lake Sibley of Kansas Ida started to miss her family so she wrote a letter to them She describes all her experiences or all the things that she had to pass through when she arrived to Kansas She did not have anything to sleep on Mostly she described that was very difficult to adapt to a new environment
In the other reading called Chief Joseph a Native American named of In-mu-too-yah-lat he explained that the white people did to the Indians he said that they treated them like animals but the chief thought that they could behave like humans too They started to come more white people to the land of the Indians the white people brought new things to the land of the Indians like tobacco and guns The Indians thought that they had an enough land to live the white men and them but in reality they did not had The white men wanted to take advantage of the ignorance of the Indians take the land so the Indians found that the white men was getting rich with their land The Indians wanted their land back so they had to defend what they wanted