<p>Out of 2,500 girls born everyday, one is different than all the others. She is like about 60,000 other girls in the United States. She is different because she lacks or partially lacks a second X chromosome out of two X-chromosomes. This disorder that occurs in one out of every 2,500 girls is called Turner's Syndrome.</p>
<p>Turner's Syndrome is a genetic disorder. Girls generally have two X-chromosomes. This syndrome is caused because of the absence of or the basic defect in one of those two X-chromosomes.</p>
<p>The girls that are found with this disease have many features. The classic features are short height, the of the neck is webbed, secondary sexual characteristics are either absent or have been slowed in development, absence of menstruation, and swelling. Other characteristics that may occur are a high palate that may cause crowding of teeth and malocclusion, low hairline, a wide chest, drooping of</p>
<p>eyelids, other complications of the eyes such as cataracts, blindness of color, and myopia. Some may be hard of hearing and have middle ear disease because of upturned lobules. Other physical features are a triangular face, upturned nails, dysplastic hips, scoliosis, tendency to become obese, diabetes mellitus, and thyroid disorders.</p>
<p>Turner's Syndrome specially occurs in girls when they are first born. It is a genetic disease so it is inherited from the mother and cannot be caught anything but being born with it.</p>
<p>At the moment, there is no cure for Turner's Syndrome. Most girls are given estrogen for breast development. The lack of sexual maturation happens because the ovaries have not formed completely. Woman with Turner's can have though because of the "test-tube baby" where the egg of another woman is donated.</p>