<p>Exploring the Growth of Breast Cancer Among African American</p>
<p>Breast cancer develops as an abnormal growth of cells</p>
<p>accumulate within the breast. Recent studies have proven that White</p>
<p>women have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than African</p>
<p>American women, yet we as African American women are at a higher</p>
<p>risk of dying from the disease. There is however, one possible link to</p>
<p>the higher mortality rate in breast cancer among Black women. We as</p>
<p>African Americans tend to stray from the healthcare setting. This</p>
<p>could be due to insufficient funds, lack of knowledge, and, or desire to</p>
<p>receive medical attention. Many times when a problem such as breast</p>
<p>cancer arises, the cancer isn't tactfully presented to the healthcare</p>
<p>provider. Breast cancer must be detected early so medical attention</p>
<p>could be provided as soon as possible. Delayed treatment and</p>
<p>unhealthy dietary habits, such as obesity, and high fat content -noticed</p>
<p>in Black women especially, tend to increase the risk of developing</p>
<p>breast cancer. An annual mammogram should be performed for</p>
<p>women over forty. Every woman however, should perform a monthly</p>
<p>self-examination of the breast. Breast cancer strikes one in eight</p>
<p>women, and should be taken very seriously.</p>
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