Perseverance Could you see yourself discovering new and amazing places in our universe, but while having this ability you are stuck within a decomposing body. Stephen Hawking was born on, “January 8” (Mcdaniel 21). He grew up with eccentric parents, Frank and Isobel Hawking. Stephen started life as an odd and unique boy. Who matured into a genius comprehending only things few people have. With this brilliant mind he was crippled with a physically destructive disease amytrophic lateral sclerosis. A disease that destroys your body’s muscle and bones, essential decomposing your physical self. The combination of Stephen Hawkings eccentric childhood, background, and ability to deal with disability, makes hem a leader in the scientific world. When Stephen was ten he attended a private school called Westminster. Later Stephen was enrolled in a local private school called St. Albans (White Gribbin 7-8). The students were often scared of Stephen, because of his jabbering fits. His hysterical fits left him at the lower grade average of his classes. In the next few years he became extremely intelligent. At this time he began making friends in what the teachers called the, “bright boy’s” group (White and Gribbin 9). After Stephen graduated from high school he chose to go to Oxford University where he would study Cosmology. This decision was not easy. Stephen and his father often argued on what courses he would take (White and Griffin 41). After college Stephen graduated from college he became one of the centuries greatest and well-respected scientist. Stephen has led the science (cosmology) world for years. Even before he became a professional he led the with his knowledge. In college Stephen was aware of his reputation as a lazy student, but he and the professors knew he had true and natural intelligence (White and Gribbin 54). Stephen led his tutorial group by finishing nine problems while it took them (6 students) to do three (White and Gribbin 48). Stephen fell into depression after being diagnosed with amytrophic lateral sclerosis (A.L.S). Doctors believed the disease would destroy his body in two to three years, but Stephen has persevered to this day. Through determination and courage he was later given many honorary degrees, the CBE in 1982, and Companion of Honor in 1989 (Brief History of Mine). One of Stephen’s friends once asked, “How has a man with a progressive wasting disease fought off the ravages of his disability to overcome every obstacle in his path and with through” (White and Gribbin 4)? Stephen Hawking’s first great accomplishment was his General Relativity with Quantum Theory (Brief History of Mine). Stephen later wrote a book called A Brief History of Time released in April 1988. After he finished this book he toured the world giving lectures. Throughout the nineties he began researching and writing a second book. His second book was titled Stephen Hawking’s Universe, and was released in 1997. Stephen is presently touring the world speaking about his new discoveries and book. His unique childhood, background, and ability to deal with disability, make him leader in our world today. Stephen Hawkings want and need to gain further knowledge of our universe will most likely lead him to another theory or book. Through his knowledge he may help solve many of the cosmos mysteries. Stephens knowledge is beyond any average person’s comprehension. It’s the fact that he never gave up, and is still leading the science world in Cosmology with a decomposing body that makes him a true leader.

Word Count: 580